Optimal Versatility: A Crowning Achievement

The Orbital Atherectomy System has the distinct ability to treat multiple vessel sizes with one crown and is available in three configurations.


Solid Micro Crown

  • Flexibility of classic crown for tortuous vessels and tight bends below-the-knee and beyond
  • Increased mass of solid crown for more effective sanding



Solid Crown

  • More mass allows for maximum calcium removal
  • More diamond-coated surface area allows for shortest run times



Classic Crown

  • The most flexible of our crown configurations
  • For vessel bends, ostial lesions and distal below-the-knee procedures




Crown Sizing Guide* >>

* Sizing of the crown is a medical decision based upon actual patient condition. Our sizing guide is only a general reference to indicate a commonly used starting point from which to analyze a patient’s needs. See the STEALTH 360° Orbital Atherectomy System Instructions for Use on www.CSI360.com for full information.