Providing Versatile Solutions from Hip to Toes

Restores Flow Safely and Effectively

The Diamondback 360® and Predator 360° PAD Systems effectively treat non-compliant plaque throughout the peripheral arteries – including fibrotic and calcified morphologies – by modifying and changing the lesion compliance. Excellent blood flow improvements are achieved using the Diamondback 360° or the Predator 360° PAD Systems alone, or supplemented as needed by a low-pressure balloon. With over 25,000 procedures performed, this system offers excellent clinical outcomes for physicians, patients and their families.

Above the Knee (ATK)

  • A safe, effective, minimally invasive option for patients with lifestyle-limiting claudication
  • The Diamondback 360°  and Predator 360° PAD Systems prep the vessel for atraumatic low-pressure PTA or optimal stent placement (if needed)
  • Provides tubular, concentric results in "No-Stent Zones"

Below the Knee (BTK)

  • A first-line endovascular option for treating BTK disease to leave options open for future procedures
  • Does not preclude surgery
  • Restores flow to facilitate wound healing
  • Potentially prevents or delays bypass surgery and amputations
  • May allow for improved long-term results
  • Offers new hope to patients with critical limb ischemia
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